I love books and I love trees and the Earth too! Try to find these books in your local library system or through InterLibrary Loan, buy them used locally, or buy them used online ( or My last resort is to buy books made from virgin paper. I have not got into the habit of reading digital books yet!

For Young Professionals

Becoming a 21st Century Professional/Professionals in Transition

Being a Creative Professional and Change Agent

Spiritual and Evolutionary Perspectives on Work and Change:

Goals: Setting and Achieving Them on Schedule by Zig Ziglar

NeuroGenensis Radio Show by Dr. Joe Dispenza | Listen online or download the .mp3 files of the show.


Jill Konrath’s Get Back to Work Faster. A short 7-part video series useful for young professionals and experienced professions. Emphasizing 21st-century “job creation” skills.  Worth the time to watch!

10 Life Long Career Rules with Dr. Rich Feller, Professor Counseling and Career Development, Colorado State University

Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation on


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