Does Your Career Need Some Oxygen?

Looking at the skyIf you get an opportunity to check out this month’s issue of MORE magazine, you’ll encounter an inspirational article (also available online) entitled  “Give Your Career Some Oxygen.”

I’m fascinated when I hear novel terms related to career and professional development (check out a previous post on “career hitchhiking“). So, when I saw the term “career oxygen.” It really got me thinking about what a great concept to consider at any point on your career path.

At an early age, we were all taught that oxygen is essential for us to live. So, a great related question for you as a professional is:

What’s essential for your career to live and thrive?


As there are a variety of ways for us to get more oxygen for our physical bodies, like opening up a window to freshen the air, putting more plants in our homes, or going for a walk outside, there are a variety of ways to breathe new life and new energy into the work of your every day life!

One fascinating woman, featured in the article, brought new life to her career by writing and acting in one-woman shows in her community. Another woman participates in an all mom rock band. The possibilities are limitless.

However, most of the time, you may be so caught up in the quick speed of your everyday life at work or even possibly so bored with what you do that you don’t take the time and make the space to understand where you are in your career and what you may want to create and experience.

Do yourself a huge service. Create some “career oxygen” moments in your life. Take ONE hour of your day just once a month (and I mean during daylight hours-take a very long lunch, schedule a “doctor’s appointment,” whatever) to allow yourself to dream and consider other possibilities that will:

1) Help make your current work more interesting and joyful and/or

2) Allow you to gain insight on what you can add as a side gig to utilize your talents to the fullest or to find your passion and discover your purpose.

During that time, be sure to take some deep calming and centering breaths (of course, actual oxygen is highly beneficial too) and possibly start with a one-moment meditation.

If one hour a month seems like too much for you, then schedule this time with your self once a quarter. Make an appointment with yourself in you mobile phone/device or on your online calendar and send your self a reminder a week and a day before.


Oprah Winfrey, who I believe would also identify with being a first generation professional, has been providing a lot of inspiration for me lately.

Check out this awesome set of Finding Your Passion videos and resources from Oprah’s Master Class series, specifically watch the short video entitled “Follow the Clues to Your Purpose.”

In that video, she strongly advocates for each of us to get about doing our own professional business:

“If you don’t know your purpose, your immediate goal is to figure that out, otherwise you’re just wandering around here…so the moment you can figure out what it is you’re supposed to be doing, the sooner you are able to get about the business of doing that.” ~Oprah

Feeling a sense of meaning and purpose in your life is one central way to be constantly connected to a regenerating source of career oxygen.

Does your career need some oxygen? Yes, it does regularly and will for the rest of your life. So, please be sure to give your career some O2 often, so you don’t end up needing an oxygen tank!

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