Does Your Career Need a “Do Nothing” Manager?

Professional man making a chart to delegate tasks
Are you as uneasy about the advice that people in leadership receive to “delegate, delegate, delegate" as I am? Probably not.  But, there's a shadow side of delegation that I'm sure you've felt even though you couldn't identify the reason for your discontent. The phrase “the dark side of delegation” popped into my thoughts a few weeks back. So, I whipped out my phone, typed ...
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It’s Time to Defy Gender Inequality in Your Career

Women indicating enough with her hand
“Bad work culture is everyone’s problem, for men just as much as for women.... According to a continuing study by the Families and Work Institute, only one-third (33%) of employed millennial men think that couples should take on traditional gender roles.” ~ Anne-Marie Slaughter in the New York Times article, “A Toxic Work World." It’s safe and maybe obvious to assume that wh...
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